Come & Join @ Sakagura National Sake Day Celebration Week 10/1-10/8

Did you know that October 1st is “Sake no Hi”, National Sake Day, in Japan? This is the day the brew masters all across the nation begin to produce their sake. 
we would like to extend our warmest gratitude to all of our sake connoisseurs who have helped Sakagura to shape into what it is these days.
Let’s celebrate the importance of Japanese culture, tradition and above all, Sake!

[ Monday, Oct 1st  “Sake no Hi” ]
Carefully selected 10 Daiginjo (super premium sake) will be served $10.01 by the glass for lunch and dinner time
(Note: One glass limited order per bottle of sake)

[ Tuesday, Day 2 ]
6 sakes will be served 25% Off by the carafe

[ Wednesday, Day 3 ]
5 sakes will be served 25% Off by the bottle

[ Thursday, Day 4 ]
4 sake tasting sets will be served with a special price

[ Friday, Day 5 ]
New York Launch of Floating World Sake Imports, Santa Fe, NM Sake Tasting Party at Sakagura  9:00pm-11:30pm
Tasting Fee $25 (Note: dining in only, not accepted only tasting attendee)

[ Saturday, Day 6 ]
Happy Sakagura’s 16th Birthday
Toasting with Kagami Biraki (complementary of a glass of sake for guests)
Sake Goods Ruffle

*Kagami Biraki is a Japanese traditional ceremony which literally translates to "Opening the Mirror" (from an abstinence)?. The words themselves, "Kagami Biraki," signify the unveiling, or rather "breaking out," of the mirror (kagami - mirror, biraki - breaking out). The mirror, of course, stands for the reflection of our true nature, the real self. Our hope is that with each new year, the reflection will become truer to the original.

[ Monday, October 8th, Columbus Day ] 
Sake Samurai, Timothy Sullivan “Urban Sake Tasting Club” Launch Party at Sakagura 6:30-8:30pm (advanced RSVP required) $34 (all inclusive)

*Sake events will be offered for dinner except Monday, October 1st. The price excludes tax and service charge.  These offers expire with the availability of sake being promote. Discount on a first come first serve basis.

211 East 43rd St. B1F
New York, NY 10017

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